Epidote reminds you that there is plenty for everyone, including good health, sufficient income and unconditional love. This stone assures you that all your basic needs are met with an abundance left over to share with others. It helps you relax into the knowledge that nothing is lacking. Use this stone to increase good health, abundant wealth and the ability to love fully and completely.

By working with the stone and allowing its energy to raise your vibration, you may be aided to manifest a range of excellent outcomes in your life.



it may aid prosperity, because as long as you are generous you will manifest more generosity and more prosperity, you will experience a variety of good things in your life. 


Epidote has the ability to increase your energy levels and is useful for strengthening the physical body.  This stone facilitates a more complete assimilation of nutrients.  It stimulates the immune system and aids in the healing process. Epidote is useful in convalescence, it supports  the body’s healing process and ensures that you look after yourself in the best way possible. 

Epidote increases your personal power and increases memory, making it a helpful when looking for lost objects. 

This stone is helpful for stamina, the nervous and immune systems, cellular memory and dehydration, It supports the brain, thyroid, liver, gallbladder and adrenal glands. Epidote immediately raises the vibration in areas that are congested, filled with debris or overly dense. It can help you find the core patterns behind physical disease and can assist you in moving into a hopeful and positive emotional state to support general healing. It is excellent for working on cancerous tumors, cystitis, fibrosis and similar manifestations. 

Mental Health

Note: If you are aware that you have deep emotional problems, it may be best to use it under the care of a metaphysical healer.

Epidote encourages recovery and regeneration after severe illness of in the case of great exhaustion caused by over work, stress, and painful experiences. It lifts the emotions and dissolves sadness, sorrow, self pity and grief. Epidote also helps you overcome frustration caused by failure and teaches you not to devalue yourself because of mistakes you have made. Epidote assists in releasing patterns of negativity from the emotional body. It can help those who habitually use judgement, sarcasm,  wit or other expressions of negativity to raise the energy of their emotional bodies to more positive, enlightened levels. It helps you overcome hopelessness and depressed emotional states and lends you a sense of optimism. 

Improving Relationships

Epidote is known to effect people in a variety of ways. This may be in a range of different ways, including attracting an improvement in your personal relationships.

This stone awakens the realisation that there is plenty of love to go around. It is a good stone to improve relationships in which jealousy tends to be an issue.

Weight Loss

It may well bring to the surface the underlying core causes of obesity and so facilitate weight loss. Some of the foremost stones known to help with weight loss could be combined with it, including Cerussite, Green Heulandite, Rainforest Jasper, Ametrine, Picasso Marble aka Picasso Stone, Diaspore, Gaspeite, Yellow Apatite or Green Tourmaline.

Spiritual Connection

Epidote increases perception and interaction with spiritual beings, and brings spiritual growth.  Epidote is a great stone for releasing negativity and raising vibrational energy. 

Chakra Work

If the solar plexus chakra is out of balance, you may feel critical of others, be a bully and in need of constant change. You also may believe that you aren’t recognised for your achievements or have difficulty learning new tasks. Use this stone on the solar plexus chakra to bring empathy into your life and enhance your psychic abilities. It will open your clairsentience abilities. It will assist in healing digestive, stomach, liver and gallbladder ailments. Use this stone when the true cause of a disease needs to be found.

If the heart chakra is out of balance you may have sudden bursts of anger, jealousy or blaming others for any issues that arise in your life. You might need constant confirmation of your self worth, feeling unloved or lacks compassion for others.

Unakite (or Epidote) can be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from the Heart Chakra.

With this stone in hand, you are able to connect the lower chakras with the higher chakras to achieve homeostasis. It will encourage compassion for yourself and others and enhance your innate healing abilities.

It will assist in encouraging the entire immune system to function at its peak. It maintains a healthy heart and circulatory system. This stone when placed on the heart chakra will help with tissue regeneration.

How To Use It

You could keep a piece on your body. Although you may choose to keep a piece on your body, be aware of that it is possible to have uncomfortable effects if you experience an influx of emotions.

It is harder to find in jewelry. The crystalline type of these crystals are difficult to cut, which is due to some unusual characteristics of the stone, so it takes an experienced cutter to cut these stones.

You may prefer to use it in meditation, for a few minutes a day, and to ask at that time for guidance on how you might manage any attributes that come to your attention. During meditation it can be programmed to help you to experience a range of positive effects, as these stones are known to help with manifestation.

Combine it with Amethyst Crystals to give you added protection from negativity.

You may choose to use it with Tsavorite Garnet to accentuate the manifestation effect, but you will also need to ensure that your thinking is positive.

The vibration of Moldavite will take the vibration higher, and may aid the process of bringing what you desire into your life, as long as you stay positive. The high vibration crystals such as Stellar Beam Calcite, Herkimer Diamonds and Phenacite will aid you to experience more vivid visions when using it during meditation.

Seraphinite may be used with Epidote if you are working on the physical healing of the body, as this will bring an increase in the healing vibration.

Cleansing Before Use:

Before starting your programming please ensure that it is thoroughly cleansed under running water.

As you enter your meditation, and before programming it, hold it in your hand and ask for white light to cleanse it, and remove any negativity within it.

To program it, hold the crystal in your hand and think deeply about the positive aspects that you would like to come into your life.

You may continue to hold these thoughts for a few minutes until you intuitively feel that spirit has programmed it with the required attributes.

This programming may accentuate its action, and may allow you to release any negative aspects that you may have concerns about, and enable the stone to aid you to bring through a higher level of abundance and prosperity.



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