The Witches’ Broom and Its Uses

Brooms are magical tools that have been in use since ancient time majorly as a cleansing element. The superstitions and beliefs associated with the broom, as well as their role in esotericism, seem to be widespread throughout the world.

The Witches’ brooms are an emblem of the Moon and its energies, as well as of women, of water and of the earth itself. While the cleaning brooms can be used by anyone, in the world of magic its use is attributed only to witches, in an association that comes immediately to mind: a witch flying on her broom.

The common brooms are usually made with sorghum straws, while traditionally the “magic” brooms were made of birch in its cleaning part and its oak handle. Formerly the brooms were used for traversing the ashes of the sacred fires, the brooms can pick up without altering its magic.

How to make a magic witches’ broom?

The Magical broom is constructed based on your intention. For example, if you want it for protection, then branches of elder, oak or ash are the most convenient. If what you are looking for is to work ancestral magic, then you can use willow sticks that are of lunar energy and help in the psyche, the healing and the powers of the goddess.

Materials Needed:

  • A Handle or stick
  • Branch
  • Branches, straw or millet
  • Tail
  • String, scissors and wire
  • Decoration, paintings you want to add.


Place the branches or straw around the end of the stick, tie with wire or rope about 8 or 5 cm from the end of the stick. During this process, meditate on your intention.  You can apply glue to the knots to strengthen and tighten it especially if it is a straw. If it is a branch just make tight knots. The height of the broom is optional, but they are usually 43 cm long.

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How to clean the witches’ broom

In a bowl of water, add plenty of salt, dip your hand in the salt water and sprinkle it on the broom from the handle to the bristles while you turn the broom to impregnate it completely.

How to purify the witches’ broom

Pour into a cauldron, a little Rosemary that brings luck and protection. Saliva produces good energy, Rue provides cleanliness and protection, Sandalo removes negative energy and replaces with the  positive, while Cinnamon attracts love and work.

All these ingredients are burned with a charcoal liturgical pill. Pass the broom through the smoke while you turn it so that it is well impregnated with the smoke. During this process, let your mind be focused on purification.

How do we charge our broom with energy?

Write your name on the broomstick, you can carve it, or write it with a pencil. With olive oil, salt, cinnamon essence, and few ashes, rub the whole broom from the handle to the bristles with enough oil, while you concentrate and pray to any god or goddess you have faith in.

After cleaning, purifying and charging your broom, you can decorate it according to your choice. You can put amulets, ribbons, strips of colors related to what you want to attract, feathers, and everything that is significant to you or represents your intention.  

How to consecrate the broom?

After you have your decorated broom, the last step is to consecrate it to the elements. For example;

Water: “I consecrate this broom to the water element to give it strength and power”

Air: “I consecrate this broom to the air element to give it strength and power

Fire: “I consecrate this broom to the fire element to give it strength and power”

Earth: “I consecrate this broom to the earth element to give it strength and power”

Recommendations and uses of the witches’ broom

  • Hanging a magical broom on the corners of the house protects against evil or any enchantment thrown against the house or its occupants.
  • The broom should never be stored in a closet, so we do not put our luck against us.
  • If you place the bristles up, and behind the door you will avoid unexpected visitors.
  • Never take the old broom to your new home, it brings misfortune and bad luck.
  • To expel evil spirits from a place, you must sweep from the inside out, with your back to the door.
  • For protection, place it under the bed while you sleep.
  • Leaving a broom lying around can cause significant depression.
  • If you are sweeping and breaking the stick it is a sign that you have eliminated evil. Continue sweeping with the same broom and then bury the dirt collected outside the house.

Do not forget that the broom is a sacred magical tool which should also be taken care of like other tools.

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