How to Summon The Midnight Man

Do you desire summoning a spirit but you are confused on how to go about it? Well, I will like to guide you through the steps in summoning the midnight man. Although, this game is considered too dangerous, and according to its history, there are chances that it ends up really bad. I would advise that you don’t try it out but if you prefer otherwise, it is at your own risk.

To perform the Midnight game you need the following:

  • A thread.
  • A piece of paper.
  • A pencil.
  • A box of matches or a lighter.
  • A jar of salt.
  • A needle or pin
  • A house with wooden front door.

The following are the instructions to follow:

  1. Write your full name on paper.
  2. Use the needle to prick a finger and drop a tip of blood on the paper. The drop must be absorbed perfectly.
  3. Light your candle and turn off all the lights in the house and stand in front of the entrance door. It is important that the door be made of wood.
  4. The paper should be placed in front of the door.
  5. At twelve o’clock at night, you should knock on the door 22 times; the last knock should be made before 12:01 at night.
  6. Open the door and turn off the candle.
  7. Close the door and immediately light the candle.

By doing this, you have just invited the Midnight Man into your home and that’s when the game starts.

The game consists of walking in darkness around the house with the candle lit in your hand but you must avoid meeting the Midnight Man until 3:33 in the morning. If the candle goes out, it means that the Midnight Man is near so you must turn it on again before ten seconds or he will take you. The candle is a form of protection against the spirit.

If you managed to light the candle, you can continue moving around the house and keep dodging the Midnight Man. If you are not fast enough, you must surround yourself with a circle of salt and stay there until 3:33 in the morning. Salt is a circle of final defense, and you should not leave there until the time is up or else the Midnight Man will take you.

Signs to know when The Midnight Man is nearby:

  • The candle goes out.
  • Lower the temperature suddenly.
  • There is a low whisper.
  • The silhouette of a man appears in the darkness.

The rules of the game are simple:

  • DO NOT turn on any electric lights.
  • DO NOT use flashlights.
  • DO NOT fall asleep.
  • DO NOT use another person’s blood on paper.
  • A lighter cannot be used to light the candle once the game has started.
  • Do NOT try to provoke or enrage the Midnight Man.

After creating a connection with this spirit if you are lucky enough to go through the night unharmed, it’s possible that the Midnight Man might still be lurking somewhere waiting for the perfect opportunity to harm you.

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