First of all, I will like to make a brief explanation of what red magic is. This is a type of magic that uses blood. The blood of the sorcerer who performs the ritual is also used. Furthermore, to be considered red magic one must work with spiritual entities that govern certain planetary spheres or astral dimensions. You could say that red magic is a form of black magic since it works with entities of the same spheres.

Red magic spells tend to work better on Fridays. This red magic spell is very strong so before performing it one must learn it thoroughly. This spell can cause irreversible damage to the person to whom it is sent, so I suggest you do not send this spell just to try someone, if you are going to do it you must be sure that the person deserves to be hurt in such a way.

You can perform this spell in the waning quarter night using the following materials

o          A metal container

o          Paper (white and without stripes) and pencil or red marker

o          A pig or cow liver

o          Male rue leaves

o          A black cloth and a pin or needle.

  • The first thing is to wrap the liver with the black cloth and let it sit overnight in the metal container and squeeze the liver wrapped in the cloth, so that the latter is impregnated with the blood of the animal.
  • The next day the liver should be unwrapped, and the cloth soaked with blood should be spread on the table.
  • Inside the cloth put 5 sheets of rue male and the white paper with the name or names and surnames of the person to be harmed. The data of the person must be written with red marker, this is very important. Once this is done, wrap everything again with the cloth then store in a place where no one else can see it for 2 nights.
  • To finish, you must put everything back into the metal container and here comes the final step that will give the powerful touch to the ritual.
  • With a needle prick the index finger of your left hand and drop 3 drops of blood on the job, then close your eyes and proceed to visualize how the work emanates a dark energy that is directed to the person you want to harm. This should not take more than a minute.
  • Once this is done, light up everything inside the metal container and let it burn while you imagine damaging and destructive situations towards the person you want to harm.

Well, that’s all about the spell, it’s simple and effective. For a job to really take effect you’ll need faith, experience, and spiritual strength so if this spell doesn’t work for you then it means you lack one or all of those qualities. In this case you can always entrust the job to someone with experience or learn from other sorcerers.

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