Sassafras has the power to bring about Good Fortune in Money Matters, particularly through Business Success and the steady Increase of Wealth.

– Add to your wallet to ensure your money stays and grows

– To money maintenance and growth oil

Sassafras leaves are aromatic and can be used as:

  • a positive energy generator by simply placing in a bowl on altar or furniture.
  • It can be mixed with several herbs for dream pillows to help with positive energy and psychic powers.
  • Can sometimes help with finding lost items.

Ground sassafras is also a staple of Cajun cuisine, sold under the name filé powder—think filé gumbo. It may be purchased under that name from spice companies.

High Blood Pressure Tea (5+ Cups)

To Break a Binding Spell

You’ve discovered that someone has bound you without your knowledge or permission and against your desires. All is not lost. Binding chains can be broken.

Antidote Spell

Powdered sassafras bark is required.

Sassafras Cut 1oz (sassafras Albidium)

Sassafras Root Cut 1oz (sassafras Albidium)

Add the ground powder to a blend of castor and jojoba oils.

On seven squares of paper, write the following using Dragon’s Blood Ink:

Dragons Blood Writing Kit

1oz Dragons Blood Oil

I break your power; I destroy your force [Name], child of [Name]
You have no control over me [Name], child of [Name]
You have no power over me [Name], child of [Name]

I am free from your binding spell.

  • Every morning for seven consecutive mornings, soak one paper in the oil.
  • Tear it into either three or five pieces.
  • Add the pieces to frankincense and myrrh resin and burn them.

Every day, as you complete this spell, the power of the other person over you diminishes. It should be completely broken by the spell’s conclusion.

Source: Magic When You Need It By Judika Illes

Sassafras Cut 1oz (sassafras Albidium)

Sassafras Leaf Cut 2oz (sassafras Albidium)

1 Lb Sassafras Leaf Cut (sassafras Albidium)

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