Seven of Pentacles

The Minor Arcana represents your choices and actions throughout the realization of your destiny. The Pentacles represent your desire for material success, good health, and a happy home life.

The Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles brings you into the cross-roads with how you’re going to obtain success and feel secure (compliments of the planet Venus). Since this card is related to the seventh position of the ‘Tree of Life’, you meet up with the energies of the planet Venus, relating to your wants, desires and needs to succeed — but at the same time — you meet up with falling ass over tea kettle if you’re in a hurry up moment to go after what you want and make the wrong decisions!

This is the time to take a step back, take your time with making the right decisions, so you don’t shoot yourself in the foot and do something you’ll regret later.

The Seven of Pentacles also indicates that you are reevaluating your position with your current business venture and you’re trying to figure out what your next step will be. You’re feeling the “Sting of Success” because the load of success is really heavy on your shoulders. Now is the time to pause, to rethink your future options, and ponder new ideas that will make everything easier.

You might feel anxious about what your next step should be, but the Seven of Pentacles is suggesting that everything is going to pay off in the end as long as you have patience to realize the necessity of slow and steady growth. You probably love what you’re doing and have the tools to make your venture successful, and you’ll figure out the right steps (the risks you’ll take) because you have the determination and energy to see everything through.

On the other hand, you may overthink your current decisions and decide to change direction. This change may include taking unexpected risks and possibly betraying someone who has helped you and trusts you. Will the rewards of such a move be worth the problems it may cause?

You need to make a choice about a current stressful business position or public position or a heartfelt personal goal.

Should you stay the course or change direction?

Should you relax in the safety of a stable life or should you leap into the unknown, hoping for increased wealth, fame or achieving something very important to you?

Astrologically, the Seven of Pentacles is related to the earth sign of Taurus (earth, stable, stubborn, resists change initiated by others).

The Seven of Pentacles astrological relative is the planet Saturn (the structured teacher, lord of karma and lessons to be learned through trial and error, strong-minded, reliable, observant, protective, but also needs to feel secure and does not like taking risks).


The archetype is knee deep in grapevines, trying to make things more manageable. He leans on his hoe, thinking about his next move.

The grapevine leaves represent fertility, abundance, and growth, suggesting that the archetype’s vineyard is progressing and on course. The pentacles that are intertwined with the grapevine leaves represent the money that the archetype is earning.

The nearby purple mountain represents a goal and the success of the archetype’s vineyard.

Positive Position: The position of the number seven in the “Tree of Life” represents the connection to the planet “Venus”, the ruler of the zodiac sign of Taurus and reflects what the seeker wants, needs and desires to succeed regarding a personal heartfelt goal, material stability and security — but also the pros and cons with teaming up with the right people to obtain success, and making the right or wrong choices.

This position could indicate the time of increased income through the process of negotiating with others if the right decision is made. The seeker is now at the point of making an important decision, opening up communication to achieve success and taking risks!

You might feel anxious about what your next step should be. Everything should work out as long as you have patience and realize the necessity of slow and steady growth and not be in a hurry! Remember the phrase — Let things happen the way they’re supposed to happen and don’t push the envelope! You will figure out the right steps to take, or find the help you need because you have the determination and energy to see everything through.

Negative Position: You’ve made a decision — but you pushed the envelope and might be experiencing the ass over tea-kettle situation, or you might decide to change direction because nothing is working out, or you’re experiencing difficult delays or setbacks, or you took a risk and betrayed someone to get ahead and caused a problem that came back to bite you!

Or the cost of all the changes you made is not returning the profit you need or want, so you may be considering abandoning your current path — Don’t give up because it’s too soon to see the benefits of these changes.

Timing is within 7 months, years, or during the spring season.

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