Tarot Insights: What Lies Between You

What Lies Between You & Your Lover?

Today I drew shuffled the deck and drew 3 cards at random from the Major Arcana. My question:

“What lies between me and meeting my soulmate?”

This reading is created with the intention of being a snapshot into my relationship (or yours).

  • Card one represents you.
  • Card two represents what lies between you and your partner / love interest.
  • Card three represents your partner / love interest.

Let’s look at my cards…

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Card 1:  YOU »

Card one represents you

The Hierophant

Also known in some decks as FAITH or THE POPE, spirituality and education are the mainstay of this card.

You may be considering taking a new course of study or even following a new spiritual path using either your inner wisdom or a teacher in the real world.

The Hierophant is also the card of the adviser and it may be that you need some professional advice at this time in your life.

You are likely to be following a conventional path in your spiritual outlet (organised religion), your educational pursuit (traditional college or university) or your relationship paths (traditional marriage).

In a love reading this card can show that the partners are a comfort to one another and can be the adviser or guide to each other within the relationship, indicating shared Faith and commitment in the eyes of the Creator. 

Card 2:  The Relationship »

  • Card two represents what lies between you and your partner / love interest.


In a love/relationship reading, the appearance of the Death card can show the ending of a relationship. As one relationship dies, you are then opening up to the potential of a new, more-fulfilling relationship. In an ongoing relationship Death shows that a phase of that relationship is at an end, which could be a GOOD thing!

Death has a very positive aspect in that, if you have been going through a difficult time in a relationship, that time is about to come to an end. Paired with positive cards for the future it can show that the relationship is being reborn in a more positive light.

Death is very pertinent to spiritual growth. As you grow spiritually there will be parts of your ego self that have to “die” so that the new “you” can be born.




Card 3:  The Other Person »

  • Card three represents your partner / love interest.

The Fool

The Fool stands for new beginnings, sudden changes, and learning new lessons on the way. He reflects the new journey that you have undertaken, or perhaps the one that you want to begin, a journey caused by a longing in your soul that calls for a change.

This card also tells you that in the past you have made a few mistakes. However, you feel that you have learned from those experiences, for without experience, there can be no growth.

The Fool represents growing into the person that you need to become, as we all do throughout our life experiences. Everyone makes mistakes, but from them comes wisdom. The Fool heralds a new path with all its twists and turns, leading to a new change.

I have learned that if the Fool comes out on the first card in your reading, you need to take a closer look at the question that was asked. Possibly, you have failed to heed a warning. Or perhaps a fog of miscomprehension prevents you from seeing a situation clearly. This is a warning that you are not listening to your inner gut feeling, and neglecting your intuition.

The Fool is enumerated zero, a perfect number for this card because the Fool is not sure where he is going; he is starting over again with a desire to leap into the unknown. This card is positioned at the beginning rather than at the end of the deck because of the learning experiences the Fool will have during his journey. He has a quest, a dream to realize, and under its spell he is naive, adventurous, and fearless.

Unaware of the dangers that lie ahead the Fool would impulsively step off a cliff, or into a big rabbit hole in search of his dream; for he does not think about consequences but simply goes on his merry way.

This youthful way of thinking is something we lose as age overtakes us, and we begin to fear change. But the Fool thinks with a young, innocent mind, as one for whom new experiences hold no dread. Rather than sitting idly and waiting for life to come to him, he pursues it with vigor.

Positive Position: You will leap into the unknown without fear of what lies ahead. You desire a new experience and a fresh new start and you are going for it, hook, line and sinker.

Negative Position: You made the wrong decision, or you have a reluctance to leap into the unknown causing a delay in your journey’s beginning.

When the Fool shows up in the negative position, you might end up falling into a big rabbit hole (a metaphor relating to a disappointing or frustrating event). The Fool does not think about the consequences of his actions. He lives in the moment and is the risk-taker – very spontaneous – the adventure seeker that is ready for new opportunities. The Fool is also a gambler that loves to roll the dice, and likes to be different!

Timing is shockingly unexpected, immediate or 1 – 30 days.

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When using this spread, please keep in mind that everything is constantly changing and evolving and this spread is intended to be a snapshot of the energies surrounding you both when you draw the reading.

The future is fluid, what you do today has a direct impact on what comes tomorrow. My hope is that this spread will shine a light on your path and help you to make informed choices.

Why don’t you try pulling 3 cards yourself about YOUR love life. Some websites offer Free readings, or you can begin learning the tarot for yourself!

Blessed be!

Lady Hannah



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