The Monkey as A Spirit Animal

The monkeys are very intelligent animals that know how to live in an organized group and they take care of each other very well. When a monkey presents itself in our life, it teaches us to always be happy and to always find the positive sides to all situations, however complex they may seem. Monkeys teach us to check our pride and turn it into a positive quality.

Before delving into the Monkey as A Spirit Animal, it is necessary to state some differences between apes and monkeys. In general, monkeys are smaller and usually have a tail, while most apes lack them. Although both groups share strong social skills and strong communities, monkeys tend to be more social than the gorillas.

The monkey is often described in all myths as a clown, an animation artist, a party animal and a naughty one. Actually, this is true when you observe its behavior. If the monkey is your totem, you would have a fondness for jokes and tricks, and you would also have a good heart.

The  Symbols of Monkeys in Different Cultures:

The spiritual significance of the monkey in Chinese culture is related to its ingenuity, inner strength and generosity. The Indian Hindu god Hanuman is associated with the monkey. He is worshiped as  a divine protector and an embodiment of strength. The mere mention of his name is said to dissipate and eliminate negativity. Hanuman is pure kindness, compassion and love.

In the Mayan culture, the monkey serves as a symbol of creativity and courage. Certain tribes of Sumatra consider the monkey as a totemic animal, and its flesh must be avoided. For the inhabitants of the Indus Valley, the monkey was one of the untouchable animals and was considered sacred.

Christian iconology represents it carrying a mirror in its hand, in which case it symbolizes the weaknesses of the human spirit. If it appears, tied with chains, that would be a sign of evil.  In ancient Egypt, the mandrill was considered a god and appeared to be adorning some of the tombs of pharaohs. He was also a conductor of the spirits of humans and protected scholars and scribes.

If you see monkeys in your dreams, then that could be a sign of an internal dissatisfaction and disharmony in your psychic world.

The Monkey as A Spirit Animal

If a monkey appears in your consciousness, it could be a signal that you should pay attention to your loved ones. Maybe not in a physical sense, but you can offer them some support and encouragement. Let them know that you love them.

Monkeys can be very strong and have very interesting facial expressions. In fact, the howler monkey can be heard kilometers away and is considered one of the strongest animals. Their communication is complex and of a social nature.

The Monkey as A Spirit Animal invites us to contemplate what we say and how we say it. In other words, take a moment to objectively consider how you present yourself to others and to the world. In addition, the monkey will teach you how to be bold and confident. Monkeys are not shy, and whenever they detect a threat, they become very aggressive.

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