The Symbolism of The Bear Totem

Are you thinking of tattooing your body with the image of an animal that gives you strength? Do you want to decorate your bedroom or one of the rooms in your house with a figure or a picture of an animal with the symbolism of power? You can choose between several species but, without any doubt, one of the animals whose main characteristic stands out for being powerful is the bear.

The Symbolism of The Bear Totem

The bear totem is very common in Native America, Greece and Rome. In the Scandinavian myths of Northern Europe, the bear was an aspect of the god Odin, and the Viking Berserker warriors were known to be barely dressed in bearskins. The berserkers also wore bear masks to demonstrate maximum ferocity in the battle.

The bear also represents the god Thor, one of the greatest warrior deities of Scandinavian Viking mythology. In Celtic Europe, the bear represents the value of the warriors and is connected to the Celtic goddess Bern, and is considered an animal connected to the moon. Bears are not men’s eaters as many people believe and their nutrition is based on fish, plants, berries, insects, herbs, and even honey.

In addition, the bear likes to lie down in sunny places in its free time. Friendly and positive energy is observed in the bear when everything is favorable. It is a happy animal that radiates joy to those around us. Although many people see bears as dangerous, they are only interested in their own affairs and only use force when it is absolutely necessary.

The big and strong legs of the bear hide in their interior long and sharp claws. Bears use their claws to catch one of their favorite foods, fish, and to climb trees. It is very common to make amulets with bear claws, or their representation

The Power of The Bear

The Bear is a reserved and powerful animal. It means leadership, family values and lunar magic. The major reason why the Bear is commonly used as kids’ teddies is that it is a protector of children.

Since the bear is associated with motherhood, whoever has the bear as a spirit guide, tends to be more loving and caring to their offsprings. It also suggests a strong feminine aspect and nutrition. The bear totem will give you the necessary determination for breeding until you get the best results.

Many have developed the ability to visualize new things, but unfortunately, they can get stuck in their dreams and not make much progress in reality. Individuals with the power of a Bear are self-sufficient and prefer to stand on their own feet rather than depend on others.

The Bear’s power includes; introspection, healing, solitude, wisdom, change, communication with the Spirit, death and rebirth, transformation, astral travel, etc… Bears are known to spread pure and just wisdom. They are honored and respected by spiritualists around the world. Whenever you feel confused and you are in need of good advice, the Bear would always be there to guide you.

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