Tips for Simple Candle Magic Success


If this is the first time you’re doing candle magic, all you really need is some oil, appropriate to the candle purpose.

Put 3 to 5 drops of oil in the top of the candle before you begin. You can write a petition on a piece of paper and place it under the candle, or you can write your petition with a sharpie on the candle glass itself. For most part, this is how we do our candle magic and we do at least 70 candles on any given day.

Lite the candle, and spend some time thinking about what you desire. It is here that you can say a prayer if you like, and most of the jar candles will have a prayer written on them for you to recite, otherwise feel free to say your own incantation.

Return to the candle every day around the same time, adding a few drops of the oil and say your desire. When the candle is finished just throw away the jar.

You can do every candle like this and never do anything else to the candle. If something is important to you, or the candle glass is quite black, then I recommend burning another candle towards your situation. Also you may want to take the next step I’ll share with you below.

See Reading Jar Candles

Taking it the next step, perhaps in your next candle you want to find a herb that can intensify your desire. Just take a pinch of whatever herbs you choose, hold it while thinking about the desired action you want that herb to take, thank the herb for its gifts and powers, and add it to the candle. Then put a few drops of the oil on top of the herb. Follow the instructions as for the first candle.

Also, it is common for some practitioners to add a little bit of glitter to the top of the candle, to act as a shield from other people, which is from seeing what you are doing, and perhaps effecting the result of your work!

Taking it the Next step, you may want to find a seal that is auspicious to your desire. To activate the seal write your name and desire on the back of the seal, and placed a seal under the candle. Continue as above.

See Seal Of Solomon Pentacles Set or Seal Set 6th And 7th Books Moses

Taking it the Next step, is to burn candles side-by-side. It’s not difficult it just takes a little more in preparation. So for example you are wanting to bring someone to you but you also want to remove them from another individual. You could use a separation candle, and a come to me candle. You would create two petitions, dress both candles, and then set them side by side before you light them.

Current Rangle of Glass Jar Candles

As we are a working group of individuals who also set candles for clients, we may have the candle you’re looking for in our own coven supply room, so make sure you email and ask us if you can’t see the type of candle you need.

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Professional Candle Services

Our sister site offers this service should you not be able to perform this ritual for yourself at home

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Recommended Reading

 Candle Magic For Beginners By Richard Webster

Candle Magic For Beginners By Richard Webster

If you want to learn more about candle magic, these are our favourite books on the topic. You will learn real quick is folk magic has no set instruction for doing it right, so don’t stress about learning everything you can before getting started. Grab a candle and the appropriate oil (olive oil is fine if that’s all you have)…and start now!


Candle Magic By Lady Passion

Candle Magic For Beginners By Richard Webster

Book Of Practical Candle Magic By Leo Vinci

Candle Magic By Phillip Cooper

Advanced Candle Magick – By Raymond Buckland

Magic Candle, Facts & Fundamentals By Charmaine Dey

Candle Burning Magic With The Psalms By William Oribello





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