The use of Angelica root in Magic


Angelica root also known as archangelica officinalis, wild celery, root of the holy ghost or angel of herbs. This root is a powerful guardian and healer, and it is said that it will enhance your goddess power, protect your children, perhaps ward off evil and improve your health. That is why this is a must have herb for every witch.

  • Used as a fixative due to its presence of the fatty acid exaltolide
  • Magical uses include protection against negative energy, purification, uncrossing, curses, hexes.
  • Promotes healing, temperance, and to bring back a lost love.
  • ward off disease, cure poisoning, and bring blessings upon the home.

It is also associated with Masculine Energy, the Sun and the element of Fire.

Angelica is a staple of American folk magick or rootwork, but it probably acquired its holy reputation hundreds of years ago, in medieval Europe.

In Wicca and witchcraft, Angelica is regarded as a powerful protective ingredient. Angelica is incorporated into spells to ward off evil and bring good fortune. It is associated with personal courage, when that courage is based in moral uprightness. Angelica is said to bring blessings of emotional temperance and harmonious home life.

Angelica’s magickal virtues are linked to its robust stature, pleasant aroma, and association with the Archangel Michael. Legend has it that the angel appeared in a dream to a monk, showing him the herb that could cure the plague in Europe. Traditionally, Angelica blooms on the feast of the Apparition of the Archangel Michael, May 8. Angelica is also known as Holy Ghost Root, Archangel Root or Dong Quai.

Tip: Use Angelica to consecrate amulets of Archangel Michael and all Solar charms.

In baneful magic, it is used to control your partner. Here are some tips if you’re using this root for that reason:

  • You mix equal parts of Angelica with ginseng and a pair of Adam and Eve roots.
  • Grind them all to a powder, and then add a good pinch of white flour, and browned this slightly on a pan, just don’t burn it.
  • Use this throughout your house for nine days in a row. You may use it as a floor sweep, or somewhere that your partner will walk. It is said to work very effectively.

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