The use of Yarrow in Magic


Yarrow flower also known as achillea, millefolium, yarroway, knight’s milfoil, or old man’s pepper.

Used to flavor beer in the 17th century, and used mainly today to make skincare products.

In magical practices it may be a powerful ingredient in work around strength, power, deep love, directing action towards the center of the heart, healing spiritual wounds, and driving away negative people. Often used in Handfasting ceremonies and weddings, the yarrow flower is also helpful in spells of divination.

Yarrow is one of the most popular herbs for spirit banishing. To save you the trouble of looking up such herbs here are the main herbs for spirit banishing:

  • juniper, maize corn, mugwort, Saint John’s Wort, vervain, wormwood, and yarrow.

Many of these plants also radiate a protective aura: maintaining them as a presence, particularly as living plants but also as dried amulets, can only be beneficial. Whatever else these plants do (and many, such as frankincense, dragon’s blood, and wormwood are extremely versatile magically), they always radiate a cleansing, purifying aura. Although certain methods of use intensify their cleansing effects, those effects are constant: the more these botanicals are used, the more consistent their cleansing power.

Here are some magical uses for Yarrow.

Yarrow Hair Growth Spell

Bathe your head with an infusion of yarrow to magically forestall hair loss.

Cast Off Evil Oil

By Judika Illes

Cast off malevolent thoughts, intentions, and hexes from those who resent you. While this is really a prevention spell, it does possess a hex-breaking aspect.

This is not a spell you can hide: the fragrance, depending on the quantity of asafetida used, can be very unpleasant; however, it can be cast anonymously if you’re discreet.


  1. Blend asafetida, crumbled bay leaves, hyssop, rue, and yarrow.
  2. Add the botanicals to castor oil or your favorite base oil
  3. Soak cotton balls in the oil and leave them in the vicinity of the one who hates you (in the office or elsewhere).

Exorcism Powder

Despite its name, rather than performing actual exorcisms, this powder helps eliminate negative emotions, vibrations, and low-level spirit emanations.

  1. Blend the following ingredients together and grind into a fine powder: Dried basil, Frankincense Rosemary Rue, Yarrow
  2. Blend this powder into arrowroot powder.
  3. Sprinkle as needed.

Final Tips for Yarrow:

  • Keep living plants near your home or any area that needs protection, or hang these dried botanicals near doors and windows as amulets.
  • Incorporate yarrow into the bridal bouquet for seven years of happiness.
  • The very first blooming yarrow that you see is a magical plant that can grant you one wish. Hold the bloom in your hand and make your wish. That night, sleep with the plant below your pillow.


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